Collated helpful information

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Over the years we have collected a series of valuable web-links to organisations that offer information, advice and hands-on support.

    Wairarapa-based disability support services

    A national organisation that assists autistic people and those who make up their support network to learn about autism and find the supports and services they would like to access.

    A local charitable trust that supports Wairarapa children and adults on the autism spectrum.

    New Zealand’s largest disability support and advocacy organisation.

    The Needs Assessment Coordination Service for Wairarapa.

    New Zealand’s largest provider of services to people with intellectual disabilities and their families. Their services include residential, supported independent living and vocational support.

    A Masterton-based Trust providing education, employment and recreation for disabled people.

    A disabled people’s organisation (DPO) that advocates for the rights of people with learning or intellectual disability

    Wairarapa Community Networks (WCN) connects people (paid and unpaid) and organisations working with Wairarapa people, whanau, and communities to connect and work together.