Building A Good Life

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Over the years we have collected a series of valuable web-links to organisations that offer information, advice and hands-on support.

    Building a good life – resources and ideas that support living a good life

    This Guide lets you know about a range of help available for people who care for and support family or friends with a physical or mental health condition, a disability, an injury or an illness.

    Another Australian initiative that offers a range of excellent resources to ‘bring the good life to life’. Also check out Positive vision, Get Planning and Social Roles on the side menu.

    A NZ series of videos about people who have used their funding to enable a good life. The videos identify the benefits but do not outline strategy that assisted with the journey.

    An Australian organisation that provides amazing array of resources on every aspect of enabling a good life. Explore resources under their resources page. This link takes you to a page on developing a vision – which seems a good place to start.